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Cosmic Austin: that genre-bending intersection where the best of the Texas songwriters meets Folk and Rock & Roll. And who was there for a lot of it, who helped make that music and who continues that tradition with their own songs coupled with the iconic tunes of that time? 


The Lost Austin Band, that's who!


If you've heard the music of Willie Nelson, Jerry Jeff Walker, Michael Martin Murphey, Rusty Wier, Ray Wylie Hubbard, Guy Clark, Townes Van Zandt, Willis Alan Ramsey, B.W. Stevenson and other song-oriented Texas artists, then you've heard the music of The Lost Austin Band.


Today’s Americana artists owe a debt of gratitude to the stalwarts of what the media of the day called “Progressive Country.”  All members of the Texas Music Legends Hall of Fame, Bill Browder, Dave Moerbe, Patterson Barrett, Ernie Gammage, and Craig D. Hillis return to their musical roots as The Lost Austin Band with the songs and stories that created this special time in Texas’s musical history. It’s quite a trip!

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